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Environment & Society | Refined Engineering Dimensions

Environment & Society

Entering the renewable and sustainable infrastructure markets
The growing demand for energy is increasingly being met by renewables such as solar, wind, biomass and tidal energy. New major infrastructure and building projects increasingly need to take environmental issues into account. Reduction of fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions is therefore increasingly significant in determining the nature of the projects carried out around the world. With its technology and its employees’ expertise and knowledge, Refined Engineering Dimensions has an important role to play in this respect. The demand for alternative energy supplies and sustainable infrastructure and construction projects create a range of new opportunities in new markets.

Awareness of energy consumption and use of sustainable materials
Refined Engineering Dimensions has set itself an objective of promoting energy savings in its activities and increasing the use of sustainable materials. As well as reducing the impact we have on the environment, this will also generate major cost-savings. The Refined Engineering Dimensions organisation does not own or operate any large-scale or polluting production facilities. The emphasis in this focus area, therefore, is on our energy consumption and use of materials at office locations, as well as by our fleet of vessels and aircraft.

Supporting social initiatives
Providing support for various social initiatives is a way for us to increase the profile of Refined Engineering Dimensions’ CSR policy and also to encourage employees to become consciously and actively involved in CSR. Most of the projects supported by Refined Engineering Dimensions were therefore initiated by our local organisations.
Refined Engineering Dimensions seeks to preserve and promote accessibility to valuable local heritage, and we therefore support many different initiatives around the world, particularly in the area of arts and culture.