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Development & Production | Refined Engineering Dimensions

Development & Production

Oil and Gas Development

Refined Engineering Dimensions has a leading role in the Middle East and North Africa and a strong position in the region in the oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, oil distribution activities. Our engineering and technical team members are experienced and capable of running and managing upstream and downstream turn-key projects. Until now, we have been involved in development and production operations in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Wherever Refined Engineering Dimensions operates, we attempt to operate in compliance with the principles of keeping our stakeholders always engaged and satisfied. We are involved in the life of the community in which we explore and product; we help economy development.Refined Engineering Dimensions priorities in Oil and Gas development and production are:

• Growth of production and increase in resource base.
• High level of productivity.
• Implementation of new technologies.
• Cost optimization and increase in investment efficiency.

Refined Engineering Dimensions Oil and Gas development products and services include:

  • Sucker Rods.
  • Wellhead apparatus & Xmas trees.
  • Oil recovery tools
  • Pre-stressed insulted tubing.
  • Packers & RBP’s
  • SAGD wellheads
  • Thermal recovery wellheads
  • PCP progressive cavity pumps
  • ESP electrical submersible pumps
  • Sand control pumps
  • Beam pumps & accessories

Coiled Tubing for Onshore and Offshore Environments: 

Coiled tubing is a continuous length of pipe wound on a spool, which is later straightened prior to entering the wellbore. From standard well-Workover and velocity/production strings for logging, drilling and special application strings with factory-installed wire-line, capillary tubes to integral tools, we produce continuous coiled tubing in lengths suitable for the most challenging down whole environments.

We offer coiled tubing in a variety of grades and sizes, including:


O.D.: 1” through 5”

0.080” through 0.300”