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Beijing Liaohe Oilfield Chenyu Petroleum Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Panjin Liaohe Oilfield Chenyu Group is one of the key enterprises of equipment manufacturing in Liaohe Oilfield. IT is an enterprise group with business and tubular, drilling and oil production, coal, energy, and logistics, engineering serves, contraction and installation and international trade. Its registered capital is 167.77 million RMB with 1500 employees. Main business includes petroleum tubular processing, oil drilling equipment and accessories manufacturing coal mining and sales of petroleum social cables, high and low voltage electrical control devices, oil well cement, fuel oil, plastic goods production and sales, motor transport, logistics, software design and development, contraction and installation, anti-corrosion and installation engineering services. The company’s main products are being distributed to the USA, Sudan, Canada, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries.

General Machinery Plant of Liaohe  

General Machinery Plant of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau is specialized in manufacturing petroleum drilling and production products. It occupies an area of 120,000m2 and RMB130, 000,000 fixed assets. Major product of the company includes pre-stress heat-isolated tubing, pumping unit, sucker rod pump, sucker rod, well-head and Christmas tree, downhole motor etc. serious products

The company has strong technical background, with 135 engineers and technicians, including 13 high-level, 51 middle-level and 71 primary level technical post personnel. The company has a complete line of equipment’s with 430 sets various equipment’s. General Machinery Plant of Liaohe Petroleum Exploration Bureau never satisfy the current quality level, it will strictly comply with GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001:2000 and API Spec Q1 standards to run the QMS, the company will never stop to improve the product quality and service quality, provide best quality products and service.

Huludao City Steel Pipe Industrial Co.,Ltd

Huludao City steel Pipe Industrial Co., Ltd. is located at Longgang industrial zone of Huludao City. The company was founded on September 19, 1993, and it has assets of 360 million RMB, with an occupied area of 400000 square meters and the building area is 110000 square meters. There are 650 staff and workers. The company is specialized in producing high frequency straight line welding pipes and has an annual output ability 200 thousand tons. We have 9sets of straight line welding machines and the products include high frequency straight lime steel pipes ranging from¢21.3mm to ¢355.6mm. and rectangle section pipes ranging from 15mm x 15mm to 150mm x 150mm.

They have passed ISO 9001:2000 international quality system certification, and got API certificate in 2006.Our company has gained the certificate of the first class enterprise producing export industrial products in Liaoning Province in 2005.We have got import and export rights for ourselves about 7 years, besides domestic sales of 10% total output, Our products have gone as far as USA,Canada,Australia,UK,Germany and Southeast Asia. In 2006 the company’s sales were 960 million yuan RMB, and Total sales volume of 242 thousand tons, of which export 220 thousand tons (include API standard about 56 thousand tons).

Our company have advanced quality testing equipment and sophisticated means of detection, and we always adhere to the company’s quality guideline, that is “by virtue of the advanced management and technology, production-class pipe; With quality products and services to win customer satisfaction; With good talent and credibility, expand market space; With continuing to improve and enhance and increase competitive ability ”.The reliable quality and satisfactory service in domestic and international markets set a good corporate reputation,and won great acclaim.

Liaoning Dongyu Oil Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Liaoning Dongyu Oil Pipe Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Sino-Japanese (Chinese-derived elements in the Japanese language) joint venture, specializing in casing and tubing (OCTG) processing, which was founded in 1988 affiliated to liaohe petroleum exploration Bureau, Chinese National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). Located in Bohai Warehouse of Liaohe Oilfield. Transportation and delivery of products happens through a railway line directly to Gouhai Railway.

Company owns state of art of equipment and the leading manufacturing technologies with annual oil pipe production capacity of 140,000 t, of which the annual the annual EUE tubing capacity is 30,000t. Main products are API OCTG series ranging from 60.3 – 508mm which end up as sold goods in Liaohe Oilfields as well as in other Chinese oilfields and then exported to some foreign countries such as USA, Canada, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Singapore.

The following company was granted the right to use API Monogram with certificate number 5CT-0580 and also passed the certification of ISO 9000 in 2001. This company is a member of the E-commerce of CNPC and has been running smoothly and effectively with great improvement obtained steadily. The product quality and services has one them a great reputation in the market.


Antonoil is a certified NDT company specializing in drilling tool inspection and evaluation. With several years of improvement and expansion, Antonoil has developed one the most competent specialized inspection teams. It’s a provider of chemicals, in which the most well-known products are loss control fluid and drilling fluid chemicals as described below. As a provider of high-performance equipment’s for downhole operation, Antonoil is dedicated to help clients to achieve the greatest value from application. Antonoil’s equipment services are delivered and applied by trained personnel who understand client’s goals.

Founded in 1998 and listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange since 2007. Antonoil is an international gas and oil provider and strives to become the best in the world. It focuses on six major business sectors: Drilling, Well Completion, Stimulation, Pipe Inspection and Maintenance, Chemicals, and Equipment Services. Antonoil’s patented technologies and proprietary products together with the job design provide the ability to act as a one stop service center for oil and gas industry.

Antonoil’s drilling provides advanced LWD/MWD serves, specialized cementing, underbalanced and pressure controlled drilling, borehole quality control, casing side tracking, drilling fluids and associated products. It’s devoted to the development of high-tech drilling technologies. It provides horizontal drilling, Multilateral drilling, Rotary steering drilling, Side tracking, Directional and cluster drilling, Short-radius horizontal drilling. Antonoil provides highly-efficient organization between the design, drilling, cementing, and completion with effective coordinating of these technologies. It also provides advanced economical efficient and high quality equipment and services.

Antonoil also has a strong ability of under balanced drilling providing full process serves and under balanced drilling and completion through optimized design, drilling equipment and support tools. In addition it provides directional and horizontal drilling services for many years, with advanced LWD/MWD equipment, non-magnetic drill collars and simulation software. Antonoil provides leading well completion technologies with products and serves to complete pol gas wells with reliable systems to assure production and control flow front he reservoir to the surface. Well completion in Antonoil’s core business and featured with selective completion technology, sand control, water control and gravel pack. Antonoil provides optimal stimulation services, including design, operation and associated services. Antonoil pursues the best factoring design and job program with social new materials, such as clean fracturing fluid, super low density and high strength prop pants. Advanced stimulation design software is used for simulation and optimization.

 Hunan Hengyang Steel Tube  Co.,Ltd

It’s a subsidiary of Hunan Valin Iron and Steel Group Co. Ltd. It is one of the largest seamless steel tube company in the world, the second largest specialized seamless steel tube manufacturer in China. It was founded in 1958, there are 5000 employees, among which 1700 are specialized engineers and technicians.  The total assets are RMB7.2 billion.  In   2006, the sales revenue was 5.2billion Yuan.

Hengyang Steel has produced more than 1 million tons tubes & pipes in 2007, the overall sales revenue is 6.5 billion Yuan for 2007, with profit of 600 million Yuan. It has become the second specialized seamless steel tube producer with more than 1 million tons output in the world. It has four seamless steel tube production lines: ∮50mm, ∮89mm, ∮108mm, ∮340mm mills and two pipe processing lines; a full horizontal continuous casting billet line and one bow type continuous casting billet production line. It is the company which has the fullest types of tube production mills, most numbers of advanced equipment models, and it has the best matches of the sizes among all its mills.

The main equipment’s of the two steel making systems were imported from Italy, there are 12 items of in house developed core technologies for the round horizontal continuous caster,  it have been reached the most advanced international level, it is a worldwide symbolize project in horizontal continuous casting industrialized manufacture industry. It is the pioneer of HCC technology, and is set as a banner in national metallurgical industry.

Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co.,Ltd 

The Seamless Tube Plant of Inner Mogolia Baogang SteeI Union Co.,Ltd. is reconstructed from the former Seamless Tube Plant of Baogang SteeI Union Co.,Ltd;the former Continuously Casting Tube Plant of Baogang SteeI Union Co.,Ltd;and the former Petroleum Tube Plant of Baogang Steel Union Co.,Ltd. in March 2005. The Seamless Tube Plant is now divided in to 3 working zones according to the features of products and equipment’s that are formed by the 3 former plants:theΦ400mm working zone,theΦ1 80 working zone,and the oiI pipe working zone.

Among them, theΦ400mm working zone employs aΦ400mm plug mill, which is designed by former Soviet Union and is provided with a whole set of milling finishing and casing equipment. It is planned annual capacity is 300,000 tons/year. In recent years the plant has successfully completed the reform of this device, depending on the technological renovation and the intensified management. Thus realized a completely automatic control and an automatic technological rectify. This made a great improvement, both in quantity and quality, and increased the variety of product structures. now we can produce 23 types of seamless pipes of more than 120 specifications to the advanced standard(Y) and normal standard(Ⅰ), of Φ177.8mm-426mm and wall thickness of 4mm-50mm, as well as large section square and rectangular pipes.

Since 1996, we have passed IS09002 and API certificates and achieved a annual capacity of over4800,000 tons,theΦ180 working zone employs the five units MINI—MPM milI imported form Italy INNSECo., ,It’s planned annual capacity is 200,000 tons and now has reached a capacity of over 300,000 tons. This machine using a level two control system can realize such functions as technicaI parameter preset, material tracing, production monitoring. By using on line inspection, this milI has reached an advanced leveI in both production technology and equipment nationally. In 2004.theΦ180 working zone built a hot treatment processing line with a processing capacity of 120,000 tons annually, containing Φ60.3mm-114.3mm oil pipe (including plug end oil pipe 30,000 tons per year, Φ114.3mm-244.5mm casing pipe 90,000 tons per year. There are many Nike air max 95 on sale for men.

Meanwhile, it can also produce low alloy pipe and alloy pipe and provide high quality tube from steel of N80, L80, C90, P110, and Q125. the oil pipe working zone is combined from two pipe production lines,of which one Iine is rebuilt from an old line processing 60,000 tons of casing pipes ofΦ139.7mm-339.7mm and the other is newly established processing 140,000 tons of casing pipes ofΦ60.3mm-244.5mm as welI as a coupling production line with an annual capacity of 710,000 pieces ofΦ73mm-365.1mm casing pipes and pipe couplers. The main equipment’s for the new production line and coupling line are tube machining device and hydraulic test device. The drifter is imported from Germany DEMAG MEER. The coupling thread machining device is imported from Belgium COLINET Co., and the pre-coupling and coupling device sets are from U.S.A. with a level two automatic control system and a net communication, it is built into a parallel calculation, centralized management, distributed control and resource common sharing type of PC control system.

Binning Oil Tools S.A. 

Is an Argentine company, manufactures a complete line of Gas Lift and Water flood equipment at the OKS Industrial Park in Garin, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tony Binning has been manufacturing Gas Lift valves and side pocket mandrels since 1976 at Camlow S.A. in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1997, his company was sold to Camco Inc. of Houston, Texas (which, in turn, was bought by Schlumberger). Mr. Binning has returned to business as Binning Oil Tools S.A.

Angang Steel Co.Ltd

(Ansteel) is situated in Anshan, Liaoning Province. The Anshan area abounds with the rich iron ore resources. The      proved reserves make up one fourth of the total reverses in the country. Additionally, the rich magnesite, limestone, claystone, manganese are distributed over the Anshan area, which are the uncommon auxiliary materials for the metallurgical industry. Ansteel has convenient communications. Zhong-Chang railway and Shen-Da expressway pass through the urban area of Anshan, linking with Dalian Port, Yingkou Port and Bayuquan Port in the vicinity and opening into the world.

Initially came into being in 1916 and grew out of Anshan Ironwork and Shouwa Steelworks, Ansteel was established in 1948 and rebuilt into an earliest large-sized iron Ansteel production is based in New China, thus having the reputation of the cradle of the  Chinese steel industry  and the eldest son of the Republic’s steel industry. Ansteel has made great contribution to the national economic construction. In 60 years, Ansteel cumulatively produced 375 million of pig iron, 381 million tons of raw steel and 277 million tons of rolled steel, and paid the tax and profit of 124.5 billion yuan, equivalent to 23 times of the State’s investment for Ansteel, and also delivered nearly 60000 outstanding cadres, engineers, technicians and skilled workers to the various parts of the country and provided the training of more than 11 thousand people across all kinds of talents.

Oilfield Services and Supplies Pte Ltd

Since its establishment in Singapore, OSS has met the dynamic needs of the drilling industry and complied with tighter tolerances required for many innovative and complex products. Today, OSS distributes a wide variety of down-hole drilling products all over the Asia Pacific Region and Middle East Region. Our main clients are leaders in the oil and gas industries: Halliburton, Baker Hughes, NOV (National Oilwell Varco), Weatherford and IOT. With the opening of the company’s 8th satellite workshop in Labuan, East Malaysia in 2013, OSS is strategically located to offer short turnaround time and integrated after-sales services to our customers, without sacrificing on quality and price.